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Name: Tom Bronneberg
Date of birth: 05-08-1981
Nickname: TomB , Crashmaster
Equipment used in the band: ENGL Invader 150, Marshall 1960 Lead.
Mayones Regius 6, Jackson USA Custom, Jackson WRXMG.
VooDooLab Ground control and GCX, ISP Decimator, MXR Super Comp, Maxon OD808, Boss NS2, TC-Electronics G-Major.
Joined Scornage in: May 2008
Favourite bands / musicians: Symphony-X, Necrophagist, Obscura, Death, Racer-x and Mike Oldfield
Other bands and projects: Retribution, ex-Bloodmoon / Existenz / Ostara
Best experience with the band so far: Supporting Heathen and Sepultura.
Recording in the studio.
Something else you want to tell us: Buy our new album !!!