It's the year 2012 A.D. two dark years have passed since the plan was "Born to murder the World". Now Scornage are back to accomplish their mission. Their 4th longplayer "reaFEARance" reanimates the fear of the world's end with new energy...

Harder, faster, meaner and without compromise "reaFEARance" is the logical next step from "Born to Murder the World". Scornage take their mix of Bay Area- and "Ruhrpott"-Thrash to higher levels and are sure to leave a big mark in this genre!!! Adding the murderous production from Andy Classen (Stage One Studio), Scornage presents their most brutal and ambitious piece of music so far!! Thrash-Metal at its best!! Just the way it should sound today!!

"reaFEARance" is the product of 13 years of hard work. Founded in 1998 the five guys from Aachen are in the business for over a decade now...needless to say with growing ambitions!!

The previous three releases were critically highly acclaimed by the press. Their live performance is sweaty and is set to give any Thrash-Metal-Fan just what he or she needs. Their live power could be seen on numerous festivals or concerts that they played throughout the years. They played among others on "Kaltenbach Open Air", "Winternachtstraum-Festival" and did several support shows for major acts like: Sepultura, Sodom, Crowbar, Ektomorf, Tankard, Dew-Scented, Deicide... just to name a few. They also did three European tours (2001/2004/2007) supporting the Japanese underground masters Terror Squad (twice) and Kings Evil. The stage is surely a place where Scornage feels at home!!!

Scornage are always willing to share the feeling of high-scale live performances and are funders of the Mosh it Up Festival and Metallize-Festival in their hometown Aachen. Both festivals have become a institution in both the national and international Metal Scene!!

The new Album "reaFEARance" now shows that Scornage achieved to combine their live power with ambitious studio arrangements to take their musical evolution one step further. This piece of music makes Scornage reach a new height in their career and they are ready to let the world know that they are here to put the world to ashes!!!....are you??