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Name: Volker Rahn
Date of birth: 26-07-1971
Nickname: Arry
Equipment used in the band: Engl Savage 120, Marshall DSL100 Amps.
Jackson Demmolition, RR24, Dinky. Ibanez RG.
Boss GT10
Joined Scornage in: From the beginning 1998
Favourite bands / musicians: Exodus, OverKill, Slayer, Kreator, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, NWOBHM......
Other bands and projects: Formed Graysten and Headcleaner, actually Blos M'r Jet & Bums Kapell (from Rock to Metal Cover)
Best experience with the band so far: SCORNAGE, European and Germany Tours with Terror Squad (JP) and King's Evil (JP).
Supporting Heathen and Sepultura.
The recording sessions, going on stageā€¦
Something else you want to tell us: THX to our fans, it's been a long time and goes on....